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Gravel Stabilizer

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Using Stabilized Gravels in Landscaping The use of stabilizers such as Organic-Lock™ has made gravels one of the most well rounded solutions for those looking to strike a balance between price, durability and environmental impact. Stabilized gravels are increasingly replacing concrete, pavers and asphalt as the go to material for landscape designers. This is in … Read more

Permeable Paving

Understanding Permeable Paving Permeable paving is one of the biggest trends in landscaping right now. An increasing number of landscapers, regulators and regular people are becoming aware of the benefits of permeable paving options. More traditional paving materials such as concrete or asphalt are impermeable surfaces. While these are both highly durable materials that have … Read more

What is Decomposed Granite Stabilizer?

Decomposed Granite Stabilizer – Why Is It Important? Decomposed granite is an increasingly popular hardscaping option being used in both large and small projects across the country. Although this material has some inherent drawbacks, these have been largely addressed by the use of stabilizers such as Organic-Lock™. If you’re here to learn more about this … Read more

Erosion Control in Landscaping


Erosion control is a constant concern for landscape architects when designing new projects. Water is a powerful natural force and flowing water from rainfall or even irrigation can cause a number of problems. Without being properly controlled, water will flow down slopes, carving out gullies, washing away topsoil and transporting harmful fertilizers or chemicals into … Read more

Tax Benefits of Permeable Paving

Paved Street

Across North America and globally, governments have begun to acknowledge the importance of permeable surfaces. Most towns and cities now actively incentivize the use of permeable surfaces in new public and private projects, and some have even begun to mandate the use of permeable paving products. Landscape architects and Parks Department designers have long recognized … Read more

How Do Paving Materials Compare

Wet Pavement

What are your options for pathway surface materials and how do they stack up? Organic-Lock™ is the result of more than 10 years of research with organic aggregate binders and their ability to create long-lasting surfaces that maintain a natural look and feel without continual maintenance. The result of this research is the strongest organic gravel … Read more

Benefits of Permeable Surfaces in Landscape Architecture

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Freshwater is our most precious natural resource, essential for sustaining all forms of life on the planet. It is essential for providing us with safe drinking water and for irrigating crops that provide us with food. Many industries, including the energy sector, use significant quantities of water. But as the earth becomes increasingly hotter and … Read more