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Installations of Organic-Lock Blended Aggregate at the Guardians of the First Amendment Memorial

Guardians of the First Amendment Memorial

Located in Annapolis, Maryland, the Guardians of the First Amendment Memorial honors the lives lost in one of the largest mass killings of journalists in American history. On June 28, 2018, five Capital Gazette journalists were slain in their newsroom, and this memorial opened on the third anniversary as a place to commemorate their lives and the First Amendment that lost their lives defending.

Urban Planning for Healthy Cities

Bicycles in the City

Urban Planning for Healthy Cities   Cities are often viewed as unhealthy and unwelcoming places. Many of the most famous works of English language literature are based in hellish Victorian city scapes and modern Science Fiction frequently references dystopian future cities. Despite this negative image, cities continue to grow exponentially, with 68% of the global … Read more

Erosion Control in Landscaping


Erosion control is a constant concern for landscape architects when designing new projects. Water is a powerful natural force and flowing water from rainfall or even irrigation can cause a number of problems. Without being properly controlled, water will flow down slopes, carving out gullies, washing away topsoil and transporting harmful fertilizers or chemicals into … Read more

How Do Paving Materials Compare

Wet Pavement

What are your options for pathway surface materials and how do they stack up? Organic-Lock™ is the result of more than 10 years of research with organic aggregate binders and their ability to create long-lasting surfaces that maintain a natural look and feel without continual maintenance. The result of this research is the strongest organic gravel … Read more