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Landscaping a Slope

Landscaping a Slope

How to Stop Wash Outs and Expensive Maintenance It is rare for a landscape architect to be given a perfectly flat canvas to work with and very few would want one anyway – slopes and hills add character and natural lines. Although a well landscaped hillside can be the highlight of your project, it also … Read more

Urban Planning for Healthy Cities

Bicycles in the City

Urban Planning for Healthy Cities   Cities are often viewed as unhealthy and unwelcoming places. Many of the most famous works of English language literature are based in hellish Victorian city scapes and modern Science Fiction frequently references dystopian future cities. Despite this negative image, cities continue to grow exponentially, with 68% of the global … Read more

Sponge Cities

Sponge Cities: Revolutionizing Surface Water Management in Urban Environments The world is a rapidly urbanising place. Since 1950, the number of people living in cities has ballooned from 751 million to 4.2 billion and Asia is the epicentre of this growth with 54 percent of all city dwellers [1]. Urban environments present many environmental challenges … Read more