Baseball Fields

Organic-Lockblended aggregate warning tracks increase stability as well as decreasing down time after rain. The water and particle size distribution of the soil/aggregate used, play a major role in creating increased play, so Envirobond is very active in ensuring ideal mixtures.


Our goal is to provide an infield or warning track mix with a soil structure that provides the athlete with the optimal amount of shear strength and load bearing capacity that works across a spectrum of moisture contents. Organic-Lockessentially expands the ideal moisture content window (playing time) by locking the soil particles during both wet and dry conditions.


By decreasing the downtime, Organic-Lockgoes a long way in decreasing the maintenance required to keep the field performing at the highest levels.

LA Dodgers Stadium
San Diego Padres Stadium
Samsung Lions Stadium

Proper installation is key to a successful blended aggregate surface designed for vehicular traffic. A proper base depth and installation will ensure a natural surface that has the load bearing and shear strength capacity to support vehicular traffic.

Specs & CAD
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