Organic-Lock Webinar

As the global shift towards sustainable, green landscapes gains momentum, natural alternatives to asphalt and concrete have become more and more important to a landscape architect’s repertoire.

Join our CEO, Mike Riehm, for a free educational 1-hour webinar where he will introduce your team to the possibilities around green travelled surfaces and pathways and do a deep dive into best practice approaches to installation.

What’s covered:

  • Intro to Organic-Lock- what is it/how does it work
  • How to install Organic-Lock blended aggregate
  • How to maintain Organic-Lock blended aggregate
  • Specifications and project options/ideas
  • Q&A


Please contact us if you would like to receive a sample of Organic-Lock™ to test with your locally-sourced aggregate. We ask that you provide us with some details about the potential project(s) that you are planning and it’s location and we would be glad to send you a trial-sized bag of Organic-Lock™ at no charge. This trial-sized bag will contain sufficient Organic-Lock™ to construct a 4’x4′ test plot when blended with your own aggregate.